Local Encounters

A programme of meetings with stakeholders and local communities is planned to take place in the countries and regions of the partners. They can have both national and regional dimensions, depending on the nature of the links of the partners with their targeted local stakeholders.

These local encounters aim to set up a concrete opportunity to trigger and carry on focused dialogues with local stakeholders, citizens organisations and research communities.

The outputs of the local encounters is then translated into elements to enrich the content of the thematic workshops and the themes addressed in the pilots.

  • 27-29 April, Granada (Spain).
  • Workshop on communal management of the rural areas in Spain.MEMOLab Laboratory from the University of Granada will collaborate in the organization of the General Assembly of Communal initiatives.
    The objective is to promote the good coexistence of the neighbours, an equitable use of resources and to ensure their good status for future generations.
    Different stakeholders will share their own experiences in Spain about communal management of the rural areas;Read more here.

    Further information: poster of the event, programme of the event

  • 17 February 2018, Cáñar, (Granada, Spain). Annual cleaning of the medieval irrigation channel of Barjas, in the framework of pilot case on rural heritage.University of Granada organised, along with the local irrigators community, the annual cleaning of the medieval irrigation channel of Barjas and of the branch La Hijuela.Read the chronicle of the event here.

    Further information:
    Poster of the event

  • 15 February 2018, Prague. Small towns in promotion of its cultural heritage: possibilities and experiences.
    Charles University leader of the HORIZON 2020 REACH Project pilot on small towns heritage, promotes the first workshop with associated partners of Czech Republic.Read the outcomes of first workshop on small towns heritage pilot here.

    Further information:
    Poster of the workshop, programme of the workshop, presentation