Small Towns Heritage

Small Towns Heritage

Czech Republic and central Italy

Task Leader: CUNI (CZ)

This pilot analyses the representations and (re-)valorisation of the small towns Cultural Heritage.

The pilot focuses in particular on Czech Republic and central Italy.

Small towns are a distinctive feature of the European settlement and are often per se part of CH: for their architecture, monuments, churches and any other form of CH in public places, as well as for intangible heritage linked to the territory. Despite this, they remain in the shadow of the big cities and metropolis.

Cultural policies based to big cities, shortage of resources, limited capacities and knowledge in small towns and peripheral regions are some of reasons for which this potential is still undervalued, not fully exploited, and often in danger due to lack of investment in conservation, natural disasters in less populated areas, impact of large infrastructural works (dams, tunnels, bridges, etc.).

The objectives of the pilot are:

  • to categorize the variety of representational strategies of multi-level value of small towns’ heritage, including intangible heritage and traditional economic practices,
  • to create links among heritage experts and other relevant stakeholders on national and transnational level with actors in local communities, regional bodies and cross border projects,
  • to highlight the overlooked and identify good and bad practices, and bottlenecks.

Specific activities

The pilot plans to:

  • map critically representational strategies of heritage, in departmental cities and in smaller towns
  • trace and list the use of city history presentation in museums, pageants, and festivals in small towns
  • register and compare and contrast small towns situation in heritage marketing and tourism
  • investigate the economic and cultural effects of traumatic natural disasters on small towns heritage (earthquake in central Italy)
  • interconnect into a common dialogue local and regional Actors
  • create an interactive map of small town activities, activists and best practices.


  • 24-25 May 2018, Prague. Workshop “Diversity and Local Contexts: Adaptation and Heritage”.
    Read the programme here. Read more here
  • 15 February 2018, Prague. Small towns in promotion of its cultural heritage: possibilities and experiences.
    Read the programme here. Read more here.