Linked On-going Projects

The REACH social platform aims to collaborate with other projects and initiatives that address questions related to participatory approaches to culture.

In this light, contacts and exchanges have been established with the following projects and initiatives:

Europeana Migration - Europeana Thematic Collection
Europeana Migration presents photographs, artworks, documents, sounds, videos and more on the topic of migration to, from and within Europe, gathered from museums, galleries, libraries, audio-visual archives and archives across Europe.

I media cities - Innovative e-environments for research on cities and the media
I-Media-Cities is is a Horizon 2020 project to share, provide access to, and use cities' digital content, turning it into the lever of novel approaches to multidisciplinary research, to business innovation and to the overall accessibility of the European Cultural Heritage.

Multaka Project - Museum as Meeting Point – Refugees as Guides in Berlin Museums.
A collaboration between the Museum für Islamische Kunst, the Vorderasiatisches Museum, the Skulpturensammlung and Museum für Byzantinische Kunst and the Deutsches Historisches Museum.

Rock - Cultural Heritage leading urban futures
ROCK is a Horizon 2020 project to develop an innovative, collaborative and circular systemic approach for regeneration and adaptive reuse of historic city centres.

Roma Online Visual Tool
Roma Online Visual Tool is a web-platform that includes the visual representations of the Roma minority of the modern Romanian territories as they appear in the Europeana collection in the 19th and 20th centuries.
The research project on which it is based, has investigated the ways in which the stereotypical, repetitive representations of the Roma help explain the current underprivileged situation of this community in Europe and in Romania in particular.

Take Part - Research network on cultural participation
TAKE PART is a network of researchers and professionals engaged in the investigation of contemporary forms of cultural participation.

The Nomad Creative Projects - Platform connecting international creative projects from all creative fields to all audiences
The Nomad Creative Projects is a leading travel resource where destination inspiration is combined with social, economical, political and cultural reporting. The vision of The Nomad Creative Projects is to promote and offer a platform on which each artists and projects can present itself to all audiences.